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Visitors only spend an average of 3 seconds on a webpage before deciding whether to stay or not. I produce clean, clear and stylish web design to give the greatest visual impact in these 3 seconds to turn curious visitors into loyal customers.




Hi my name is Chris and I have over 15 years of industry experience, I pride myself on my passion and knowledge of the Web. I take ideas from a variety of different places and work closely with you to ensure that your exact requirements are met.

If you are requiring a CMS or Ecommerce website I have got lots of experience working with WordPress and Magento and I can find the perfect tempalte for you busniess and customise it to be unique.





WordPress is a flexible, powerful, enterprise level CMS (content management system) that can be readily customised to your needs. The main reason I use WordPress is because of its pedigree as a feature rich, rock steady, reliable platform. I use it because I can customise it to suit your exact requirements.

Another thing I like about WordPress is the large number of stylish templates available, and the templates improve each month. There are several excellent template companies and over the years I have gained experience in what to look for in a quality WordPress template.



Magento is one of the best Ecommerce packages available – and because it is open source, it is also one of the most cost effective. I build Magento online shops to your custom specification. Whether you sell 5 or 5000 products it can allow you to unlock the selling power of the web!

  • Robust, reliable, secure Linux based technology
  • Feature rich functionality – I love the fact it comes with so much functionality straight out of the box
  • Flexible code base – allows me to easily customise the site to your exact needs, which reduces development time and costs
  • Community and Enterprise editions – I can help you choose the right edition for your needs
  • Scalable, modular solution – Magento can grow as your business grows
  • Built from day one with Google marketing in mind


 And don’t forget


Technical know-how stops many people from having a website. It does not have to be that way because I can create a great website design for you at an affordable price. Websites are not expenses, they are investments with great returns.